Thumb said: "Coming, coming, they are coming,"
Forefinger said: "Who are coming?"
Middle finger said: "Wolves are coming."
Ring finger said: "Let's run away, hurry, hurry."
Little finger said: "I'm so small,
I'm so tiny,
I've got no feet,
Nor have I wings,
How can I walk or run away!"
And so Thumb said: "We won't run away,
We won't retreat from wolves dismay,
We will stand shoulder to shoulder,
We'll become one fist
And get the power!"



Easter, Easter, Eastertide,
Let us squat down side by side,
Let's come to terms,
And make a vow,
I'll take you home to be my wife
I don't want household dowry,
Only may your foot be lucky*.


Stork, my heartbreaker uncle,
My spring bringing uncle,
Each time when you come to us
Bring with you joyous green branches.

Don't bring us grief from afar,
Don't bring sorrow from afar,
If our house fall into ruins,
Yours will also fall to ruins.

* * *

Sun, sun, please swim out,
Give us warmth and give us light,
Let no being on this earth
Ever feel cold or fright.

The sun came out, looked about,
Her golden hair she let out,
Those who were cold and shivered
Got golden shawls shining bright.

* * *

The crow put on her black shawl,
She looked darker than dark night,
She took to her wings and flew,
Till she reached Jerusalem bright.
"What do you want?" they asked her.
"I want some wool", she answered,
"My chicks are so fond of clothes
Made of pure wool and cotton."
"Take, take," they said, "What you like,
Carry away what you can,
Here are full bales clean and white.
Only this is what we ask
Don't close the way to the sun!"

* * *

Blissful was the day
When you were born,
Heaven and the earth
Were happy and shone.
The stars clapped, clapped,
Trees and flowers danced and danced:
"What a lovely,
What a witty,
Oh what a sweet baby we've got!"


(A pun)

They pierced the horse, and stole the wall,
They took away a pair of cloud-made rope,
A plowing duck,
A laying cow,
Together with her bleating kid.

They carried off a hatching ewe,
They took away the mouse dressed as cat,
They burglarized a sack of breeze,
Dried up hailstone,
And snake feather.

They thieved a whole set of buffalo eggs,
Rubble - seeds,
They didn't forget even the dog
And took away with them its black tail spot
Did the thieves need the dog's tail mark?
All the same the mark wouldn't bark!


* * *

A twittering lively birdie
Flew to the bank of the brook,
He ate some seeds,
He drank water,
Then came and entered my son's bosom.
Oh, you, twittering
Crazy birdie,
Fly away from my sonny's bosom!

* * *

I've got one corn and half to sow,
Each house give me an ox to plough, (plow)
Each house give me someone to water,
Each house give me a scythe to mow,
Each house give me a cart to tow,
Each house give me a boy to thresh,
Each house give me a shovel to winnow,
Each house give me a mill to grind,
Each house give me a grandma to knead dough,
Each house give me a baker to bake a bread,
Each house give me a eater to eat!

The new want from mouth to mouth,
And people came in throng and crowd,
They ate and ate,
So much they ate,
They didn't leave me a mouthful to taste.

Yuri Sahakyan 2002

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