--------- BOOKS FOR CHILDREN ---------

Poem for Children "Achparar Katun" (Magician Cat), Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh", 1977, 16 pages, 25,000 copies. "Aklorakriv" (Chicken Fight) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh", 1984, 89 pages, 10,000 copies. Poem for Children "Chermak Hekiat" (White Story), Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh", 1979, 16 pages, 25,000 copies. "Arka Che Bayts Tagavor e" (In Crown but not a King) (Armenian folk riddles) Yerevan, publisher "Narekatsi", 1992, 28 pages, 25,000 copies. "Aybbenarani Ughekits" (Alphabet Guide) (poems for childrento help in learning Armenian Alphabet) Yerevan, publisher "Zangak-97", 1998, 40 pages, 2,000 copies.
"Dzknors Arjn u Mknors Katun" (Fisher Bear and Mouse Hunter Cat) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Arevik", 1987, 89 pages, 10,000 copies. "But Matn Asats" (Thumb said) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Areresum", 1998, 44 pages, 4,000 copies. "Gete Anget Te Liner" (If river was unaware) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Arevik", 1993, 48 pages, 10,000 copies. "Bari Tzukn u Parkapzuke" (Kind Dwarf and the Bagpipes) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Arevik", 1990, 93 pages, 10,000 copies. "Haykakan Joghovrdakan Khagikner, Hanelukner, Asatsvatskner" (Armenian Folk Sayings and Riddles) Yerevan, publisher "Amaras", 2001, 52 pages, 1,000 copies. (Sponsored by Fund of Celebrating 1700 Anniversary of Proclamation Christianity in Armenia).
Yakov Akim "The Girl and the Lion" Yerevan, publisher "Arevik", 1996, 20 pages, 10,000 copies "Tujats Chanchn u Bujak Bun" (Wounded Fly and Healer Owl) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Anahit", 2000, 46 pages, 2,000 copies. "French Nursery Writers", Yerevan, publisher "Zangak-97", 2000, 12 pages, 500 copies. "Haykakan Joghovrdakan Hanelukner" (Armenian Folk Riddles) Yerevan, publisher "Zangak-97", 1998, 118 pages, 500 copies. "Hekiati Kghzin" (Island of Tale) (2 teaching poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Khosk", 2000, 56 pages, 1,500 copies.
Kaysin Kuliev "Story of the sun" (poems) Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh", 1977, 34 pages, 10,000 copies. Chalil Bogdan "100 Adventures of Periwinkle and Daisywhee", Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh" 1981, 68 pages, 10,000 copies. Barto Agniya "I am Growing up" Yerevan, "Sovetakan Grokh", 1978, 38 pages, 10,000 copies. "Shutaselukner ev Barakhager" (Tongue-twisters and word-play) Yerevan, publisher "Luys", 1995, 20 pages, 6,000 copies. "Blooming Garden" Ukraine Folk Sayings part of which is translated by Yuri Sahakyan, Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh", 1977, 413 pages, 3,000 copies.
"Arev, Arev, Arevik" (Sun, Sun, Little Sun) (poems for children) Yerevan, publisher "Open University of Armenia", 1992, 32 pages, 30,000 copies. "Chicken in the pot", Moscow, publisher "Detskaya Literatura" 1985, 24 pages, 150.000 copies. Korney Chukovski "Buzzing Fly and Other Tales" Yerevan, publisher "Arevik", 1997, 50 pages, 50,000 copies. "Kind Mow", Moscow, publisher "Detskaya Literatura" 1991, 24 pages, 300.000 copies. Samuil Marshak "Clever Things" (Fairy tale commedy), Yerevan, publisher "Sovetakan Grokh" 1979, 79 pages, 20,000 copies.


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Yuri Sahakyan 2002

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